Sandbox Accounts

Sandbox Account Defined

A "Sandbox Account" is a full instance of The Predictive Index software account used to perform integration development or testing environment that is separate from production data. Sandbox accounts run in the same server environment as production accounts, but they use a completely separate data space. 

Requesting a Sandbox Account

Any client or PI partner may request a Sandbox account in connection with any existing production account by sending a request to The request should be fulfilled within two business days. The normal practice is to name the Sandbox account using the same name as the production account with the word "Sandbox" at the end. For example, "Acme Travel" would be given a Sandbox account named "Acme Travel Sandbox".

Since the most common use of a Sandbox account is the development and testing of an API integration using an API Key, setup of a Sandbox account also includes the creation of a user with a generic name such as "Acme Recruiting" and the assignment of an email (username) and password to be used to log into the PI software for this new account. This user is granted an Account Owner role and an API Key is generated for the user. All details are securely transmitted back to the requester.

Using a Sandbox Account

Once you obtain the Account Owner user credentials and API Key, you can perform any testing as needed using the API Reference site or a programmatic integration you might construct. All actions in a Sandbox account will have all the same outcomes as a non-Sandbox account, including the sending of email messages.

It may also be useful to create additional users within the Sandbox instance. Just keep in mind that all authenticated users of the PI software platform (not assessment takers, but software users) must have completely unique email addresses across the entire system, whether a production or a Sandbox account. So if you wish to create Sandbox user accounts for persons who will also use a production user account, be sure to use a different email address for the Sandbox user account. You may need to create new email addresses using a free email provider or assign alias names through your email system administrator in order to obtain an address recognized as different by the PI platform for use in a Sandbox account.

Sandbox accounts are generally left active as long as the client account is active. When a client account is retired, its corresponding Sandbox account is retired as well.

Appropriate Use of a Sandbox Account

Sandbox accounts are provided as an at-will service to PI clients and may only be used for reasonable testing and development activities, not for production business processes for real persons. If a Sandbox account is found to be used in an excessive manner which places an undue burden on the PI platform, or if it is used for purposes other than testing and development, the Sandbox account may be temporarily or permanently disabled at the sole discretion of The Predictive Index. If you believe your Sandbox account may have been disabled and you would like to request that it be enabled, please contact your PI consultant who can request that it be re-enabled.